How to redirect out of stocks

Welcome to Redsun: Out of Stock Manager! Redirect is an important feature to prevent customers from accessing non-existent pages on your store. This guide will walk you through the steps on how to redirect out-of-stock products from your store.

Step 1: Enable Hide Out of Stocks #

To redirect out-of-stock products, you first need to enable the hide out-of-stocks feature because only hidden products can be redirected.
Please see the instructions on how to hide out of stock here (If you have already enabled hide out-of-stocks, please skip this step).

Step 2: Configure Redirect #

To configure the redirect for out-of-stock products, select the option: “Redirect hidden products”.
Then, set the redirect target.
You can choose from the following options for redirect target:

  • Home page
  • Collection page
  • Product page
  • A random collection that includes the hidden product
  • A custom path

Finally, when customers visit the URL of an out-of-stock product, they will be redirected to the target location. This improves your store’s SEO efficiency.

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